For a society to be creative and wealth-producing, it must place the health and well-being of its population at the heart of its concerns. These can also be a vector for social and economic development.

Today, health is more than the absence of disease. It involves many genetic and environmental factors that impact many sectors of society, such as education, mobility, architecture, urban planning, economic development, municipalities and finance.

We must act on health from a perspective of social, physical, economic, emotional and mental balance. This vision of global balance helps us to prevent health problems in the workplace and to maintain an active society so that it has a social impact.

A living laboratory to promote innovation

Located in the heart of Montreal, a smart city, the Health Innovation District is made up of institutions, established companies and start-ups that are leaders in their field of expertise, here and abroad.

The HID is also a digital meeting point that brings together and coordinates the various hospital, university, government, institutional, community, economic, entrepreneurial and industrial stakeholders around a living laboratory project to promote and frame innovation in the service of the health and well-being of Quebecers.

The ultimate goal is to create sustainable social and economic spin-offs to transform health for the benefit of all. Here, now and tomorrow!


  • Promote co-creation, co-development and co-deployment in health care innovation
  • Provide and enhance an integrated environment and ecosystem conducive to the innovation cycle
  • Attract the brightest minds with a vibrant work and living environment
  • Encourage the cross-fertilization of partners’ knowledge, know-how and expertise
  • Create conditions for success for companies that offers highly skilled jobs
  • Encourage the sharing of best practices for socially responsible entrepreneurship
  • Implement a cross-sectoral approach to increase business success
  • Promote health care innovation to improve the population’s health and well-being
  • Measure the impacts of innovations on population health and the reduction of spending
  • Catalyze neighbourhood revitalization by attracting diversified investments


Adapted To Current and Future Needs

  • Project personalization
  • Access to real-life care and service situations
  • Access to Montreal’s physical spaces in a revitalized living environment
  • Support in finding funding
  • Evaluation, labelling and approval of innovations
  • Creation of an environment that facilitates an entrepreneurial culture
  • Assistance interfacing with relevant stakeholders
  • Development of innovation processes
  • Business welcome, incubation and acceleration
  • Training actors in artificial intelligence, leadership and change management
  • Access to knowledge and innovation management methods
  • Implementation of a strategic and dynamic system to monitor health care innovations
Your Partner For Personalized Business Development
  • A solution tailored to your needs
  • Innovation used in real-life setting
  • Concentrated expertise and knowledge
  • Accelerated project development
  • Personalized training for actors involved


The Health Innovation District offers a unique model of social entrepreneurship and economic development based on:

The convergence of many fields of expertise rooted in an existing ecosystem
  • A state-of-the-art hospital within a university hospital network
  • A university globally recognized for health care and artificial intelligence
  • Scientific credibility provided by a world-class research network
  • A unique experience in the transformation of health care systems
  • Integrated management of the health care innovation cycle
  • An interdisciplinary team dedicated to health care innovation
  • A cross-sectoral approach to health care innovation projects
  • A public and private ecosystem developed over the last 10 years
  • A global health care innovation management network incorporating artificial intelligence
  • Strategic monitoring in the life sciences sector
  • Real-time measurement of the social and economic impacts of innovation
  • Access to big data use in real-life conditions
Transformational and exportable social and economic impacts
  • Reduced risk-taking
  • Accelerated adoption of innovation
  • Unprecedented accessibility of the health care network to entrepreneurs
  • Increased business opportunities
  • New markets opened up in Quebec and internationally
  • Enhanced credibility with investors
  • A new urban health care environment
  • Increased visibility for Quebec