The Health Innovation District plays a vital role in the evolution of health in Quebec and elsewhere in the world for the well-being of the population.

This project is made possible thanks to the joint work of several partners, aware of the importance of working together.

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Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

The Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) is an innovative hospital devoted to serving patients and the Quebec population. The CHUM adopts an integrated approach to health and the population which is expressed in all aspects of its mission such as, care, teaching, research, management, and innovation, as well as in partnership with the patient and citizen (SERGIP).

In collaboration with other speakers in the health and social services network (RSSS), the CHUM offer the best specialized care and services based on constantly updated scientific knowledge.

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Alexandre Le Bouthiller

Serial Entrepreneur - Angel Investor
He is the co-founder of Planora, an artificial intelligence & optimisation company.
CoFounder Imagia (2015-2022)

Project with CHUM:
AI in Precision Oncology
AI introduction course
AI Book chapter with Prof. Bengio.

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Conseil de l’Innovation du Québec

Created in December 2020 at the initiative of Quebec's Minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, the Quebec Innovation Council has been given the mission to boost innovation within Quebec businesses and society.

The members of the Council are Quebec stakeholders, from both the public and private sectors, recognized for their strategic vision and their ability to stimulate innovation in Quebec. The Board of Directors is chaired by Sophie D'Amours, President of Université Laval.

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DIAGNOS is a publicly traded Canadian corporation dedicated to early detection of critical health problems with AI.

Throught its CARA (Computer Assisted Retina Analysis) platform, Diagnos uses AI to detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, Age Macular Degeneration on fundus pictures and classify the images by level of severity.

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IVADO Labs was launched in 2017 with major support from the provincial government, and in partnership with IVADO and its founding academic institutions. Through this unique partnership, IVADO Labs has access to the world-renowned fellow network of Canada’s largest AI R&D federation of labs.

IVADO Labs builds unique AI solutions to solve the world’s toughest problems. We are a unique team of world-class applied scientists, developers and business strategists, working together to transform industries.

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LeoMed Technologies inc.

The CHUM (partnering with MEDTEQ+) decided to use LeoMed’s telecare platform to improve ambulatory surgery quality, efficiency, and outcome. This helps avoid cancellations before surgeries and detect early signs of postoperative complications to prevent calls to the emergency support lines, emergency room visits, hospital readmissions, and unexpected postoperative consultations

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MUUTAA is leading the way in creating integrated clinical supply chains. In addition to optimizing the demand forecasting process based on patient-centric demand, MUUTAA's technologies improve micro and macro level understanding of true protocol adherence.

MUUTAA's mission fuels deep learning to inform smarter decisions, enable better healthcare, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

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Through its urban workspace and urban data centre space, Allied provides knowledge-based organizations with distinctive environments for creativity and connectivity

Allied was known initially for its leading role in the emergence of Class I workspace, a format created through the adaptive re-use of light industrial structures. When repurposed to high standards, Class I workspaces satisfy the needs of the most demanding office and retail users.

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Apprentx accelerates skills development and helps companies identify gaps and take action to improve organizational performance.

B12 uses cognitive science to deliver reinforcement programs in the form of microlearning. Our artificial intelligence algorithm individually tailors your programs to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

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Astra Zeneca

Science leads us to push the boundaries of what is possible. We believe in the potential of ideas and, alone or in partnership, we explore and develop them until we have transformed the treatment of disease. AstraZeneca is a science-based biopharmaceutical company, pushing the boundaries to deliver life-changing medicines.

We are currently conducting world-leading clinical trials in oncology for lung, head, and neck cancer.

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Ernst & Young - E.Y

EY exists to build a better world, to create long-term value for clients, people and society, and to build trust in the financial markets. Leveraging data and technology, EY's diverse teams in more than 150 countries build trust through assurance, helping clients thrive, transform and operate. Whether in assurance, consulting, strategy, tax or transaction services, or in legal services, EY teams are asking better questions to find new answers to the complex challenges of today's world.

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Gray Oncology Solutions

Developing scheduling and resource optimization applications for oncology. Gray Oncology Solutions is a Montreal-based startup focused on redefining how healthcare systems handle the immense logistical challenges faced on a day-to-day basis.

Stemming from their collective expertise in radiation oncology and healthcare logistics, they have a vision of a workflow where each patient's journey through cancer treatment is personalized for them, and statistically optimized to provide the best possible clinical outcomes.

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Investissement Québec International

Part of Investissement Québec: The government corporation dedicated to Québec’s economic development. Prospecting for Foreign Talent and Investment: Our role is to assist international companies in their efforts to establish and grow their operations in Québec; Attract foreign talent essential to the growth of the Québec economy.

Specialized Export Assistance: Our role is to assist businesses seeking to increase and diversity their sales of goods and services outside Québec.

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Logibec continues to innovate and create solutions that enable healthcare centers to optimize patient care by relieving them of their daily administrative tasks.

Artificial intelligence and big data have become the key pillars of this innovation. Logibec chose to focus on financially viable AI projects to ensure the creation of a virtuous circle between the private sector, academia, and healthcare centers.

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Novo Nordisk

We are a global healthcare company, founded in 1923 and headquartered just outside Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our purpose is to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity, and rare blood and rare endocrine diseases.

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In recent years, the number of projects related to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the health technology sector has grown exponentially.

As a true powerhouse of AI in the technology and healthcare fields, and with a keen understanding of the challenges that companies face in bringing their product to market, METEQ+ can offer a privileged path for companies working in the field of artificial intelligence, facilitating the growth of their business and ensuring stability within the industry.

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Medtech Canada

Medtech Canada is the national association representing Canada's innovative medical technology industry.

Representing approximately 100 medtech companies (ranging from Canadian-owned to multinationals), Medtech Canada works closely with the federal and provincial-territorial governments, health professionals, patients and other stakeholders to deliver a patient-centred, safe, accessible, innovative and sustainable, universal healthcare system supported by the use of medical technology.

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Montreal-based My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is a leader in artificial intelligence and systems biology. MIMs provides Biopharma companies with easy-to-implement and interactive augmented intelligence systems, allowing for accurate biological simulations at early drug development stages, to assist life scientists in the development of precisely targeted and personalized therapies.

MIMs continues to expand in the United States and in Europe.

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Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation – MEI

The Ministry's mission is to support business growth, entrepreneurship, science, innovation, export trade and investment. The MEI is coordinating the elaboration and the implementation of the digital strategy.

It also advises the Government with a view to favouring economic development in every region of Québec.

It administers, in conjunction with the recognized bodies, of the funds entrusted to it in order to ensure the execution of economic development projects.

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The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services

The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services is rethinking the health system of the future through innovation. Resulting from scientific research and the development of new technologies.

The objective of this process, led by Mr. Daniel Desharnais, is to offer the population of Quebec an accessible and efficient health system that ensures the best quality of care.

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Montréal InVivo

Refers to the Life Sciences and Health Technologies (LSHT) cluster of Greater Montréal. This cluster comprises over 600 organizations, including more than 150 research centres and groups, 80 subsidiaries of world-class companies, and more than 41,000 well-paying jobs in the sector.

We are a network facilitating discussion, mobilization and collaboration for the LSHT ecosystem.

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Montreal International

Montreal ranks among the Top 3 locations for AI investment in North America. The region was able to developed leading-edge expertise, forged ahead by world-renowned researchers.

Montreal International supports investors, startups, international organizations as well as workers and students from all over the world with their Montreal-based projects.

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Cloud computing has brought many innovations to life over the past decade.

In 2013, when most of Ormuco’s competitors were focusing on centralizing data processing systems (cloud computing), Ormuco developed a decentralized data processing system providing real-time solutions to local and global businesses. This technology is known as edge computing.

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RUISSS de l'UdeM

From a learning network perspective, the Integrated University Health and Social Services Network of the University of Montreal (RUISSS de l'UdeM) has the mandate to federate the University and the establishments of the health and social services network.

Affiliated with it by establishing a culture of collaboration, consultation and specific work sites in order to meet the needs of the population.

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Siemens Healthcare

Applying engineering and scientific skills, creativity and perseverance to solve clinical, operational and financial problems wherever they arise - that's what we believe in and what we strive to achieve.

We have always been close to healthcare professionals, helping them improve the care they provide to their patients. Based on an unwavering dedication to engineering excellence, we have often played a pioneering role in helping healthcare professionals improve care and deliver it to more patients.

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Health care delivery is undergoing a major transformation – a shift from independent providers providing episodic one-to-one patient services towards multidisciplinary teams who provide more comprehensive care to patients. While this new approach may take different forms, the objective is the same: to invest in quality, health outcomes and patient experience across the circle of care.

This kind of transformation, which is centred around citizens and stakeholders, requires a cross-functional approach and the integration of human, organizational and technological aspects. At CGI we work with our clients to simplify their digital environment, and offer comprehensive expertise in the design and integration of clinical, IT and business solutions to support collaboration between different health care providers.

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